Baby Naming ceremony

You want to celebrate the birth of a new child. Or maybe your child is older. No matter what the reason, there are no rules to wanting to celebrate your child. This is always a joyous occasion and I would love to be at your service.  


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What is involved with a baby naming ceremony or child blessing?

There are many reasons why people choose to have a ceremony to celebrate the life of their child. Rituals are important part of family life, for all: parents, siblings, grandparents and friends. It takes a village, as they say.


  • You may want a non-religious ceremony to celebrate the birth of a child, something that replaces a traditional christening.
  • You may have family visiting from overseas and see this as a beautiful opportunity to celebrate your child. One perhaps, that they have never met before. No matter what the age. 
  • Your child may have a special birthday and you have decided to have a special celebration to acknowlege the gift that you have been given. 
  • Whatever the reason, it’s always wonderful to celebrate young lives. 


Is their any documentation required?

A naming day is a symbolic celebration that requires no licences and has no legalities.

Do we have to have godparents?

Traditionally Godparents were chosen to guide a child in their spiritual upbringing, and to take over custody of the child if anything happened to the parents. In our modern world, it is more of a matter of entrusting someone to make sure if anything happened to you that your children would be cared for. 

what are some ideas for our child's naming day?

There are many ways to honour your child’s life, and also those who will guide them through their journey through life. I have many suggestions for you, to make this meaningful for all of those that you love, and make them feel included. 

Where should we have the ceremony?

At home, in your garden. Or at a venue of your choice, your favourite restaurant.  There are also many harbourside parks in Sydney that I can assist you with. Celebrate wherever your heart is. 

How Much Does It Cost?

For short and sweet services under 20 minutes with less than 40 guests: $570  For longer services with over 40 guests: $670  

I will write a beautiful service, and share all of my resources with you to make it an occasion you’ll always remember. 

Deposit: $270/$370  Balance payment 7 days prior to your ceremony.


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Booking your celebrant may be one of the first things to do, to ensure your date.  Please contact me to check my availability and we can arrange a meeting.